※Recovery time, hospital admission and visiting for
treatment schedule may vary among individuals.

  • Operation time
    60 minutes~
  • Method of
    Sedative anesthesia
  • Hospital
    admission stay
  • Suture removal
    about 1 week
  • Visiting for
    2 times
  • Recovery time
    about 2 weeks

What is Liposuction?

A proper amount of fatty tissue is necessary for elasticity and a soft female body-line curvature. Nevertheless, surplus subcutaneous fat deposits disrupt the proportional balance of a beautiful body line, detracting from a sense of beauty.

Obesity is caused by an increased size of fatty tissues. Dieting or exercising reduces the size of fatty tissue, while liposuction removes fatty tissues from surplus fat deposits so as to correct these uncontrollable areas. Thus, liposuction is rather effective in making beautiful body lines, style de la heute couture? Physically reducing the number of fatty tissues could only be achieved by liposuction.
A patient should consult with a specialist for the selection of the most appropriate surgical method, as there are many surgical approaches available depending on a patient’s age, sex, elasticity of the skin, density or distribution of the fatty tissues.

Cases requiring Liposuction


Generally obese cases


Cases with much fat in
particular areas, such as the
abdomen, thigh, arms,
calf, etc.


Cases desiring a body-line correction due to the skin being uneven and bumpy


Cases desiring to attain body-line correction in a short time

Advantages of Liposuction at Apgujeong YK Plastic Surgery Clinic

01Accurate 1:1 analysis of
the body pattern
03Uniform fat layer removal
with YK’s know-how
05Post-procedure management to minimize (inflammatory) swelling or edema.
02Neat and tidy liposuction without remaining fat
04Counseling and issuance of drug prescription for continuous effect after liposuction

Liposuction by site


As women get older, one of the most plump areas of the body is the forearm. Furthermore, the arm, shoulder or axilla is naturally the less-exercised area.

Thus, dieting or exercising alone cannot ensure efficacy. The forearm is the area where liposuction can have a significant effect. Particularly owing to having fat deposits on the hind side of the forearms in Asian women, liposuction is especially favored in this area.

Patients with sleeves that
are too tight whenever
they wear a garment


Patients with arms that
have too much
accumulated fat


Patients who are
concerned with
droopy forearms


Patients who have difficulty wearing a sleeveless garment.


A "pot belly" is often seen as men get older and in women after childbirth. The belly fat, especially in the lower abdomen may be indicated for liposuction.

However, concurrent resection of the stretched skin and abdominal lipectomy is effective for middle-aged women with abdominal obesity, along with droopy stretched skin. Performing liposuction roughly or sparingly may just leave too much hemorrhage without removing much fat. The patient may not feel much differently after liposuction. The procedure involves probing through an incision site of the wrinkle in the buttocks, and aspiration of fatty tissues in the medial and lateral aspects, as well as the posterior side of the thigh. The fat in the anterior aspect of the thigh is aspirated through an incision made in the fold of the groin.

Cases with more
abdominal volume
than other parts


Cases with upper body obesity


Cases with a pot belly
slipping out of the pants


Cases desiring a slim waist


Asians have abundant fibrous tissues intermixed with fatty tissues in the thigh, and their thighs are firm to touch.

Conventional liposuction may not always be effective. In such cases, ultrasonographic liposuction is considerably useful.

Cases with lower body obesity


Cases with much fat in the medial aspect of the knee and thigh


Individuals who cannot
wear skinny jean
pants or a short skirt


Cases with have thick thighs


Back fat is thick and intermixed with hard fibers (fibrous tissue), which make it one of the most challenging part for plastic surgeons.

Nevertheless, back fat may leave abhorring flesh and wrinkles bulging out of an underwear or open exposed garment. People often overlook a back fat since it is invisible. Owing to the difficulty of removing back fat by dieting, and the presence of back fat even in individuals with a slim body type, some patients will choose to undergo back liposuction.

Cases with flesh sticking out
of the end of a brassiere


Cases with too much flesh
fold in the back


Cases desiring a smooth back contour


individuals who are very
much concerned with
wearing exposed apparel like
a bikini or a dress


Unless a patient has severe obesity or a large musculoskeletal structure, hip liposuction may recover elasticity of the buttocks.

However, an inconsiderate surgical attempt for an individual with peculiar tissue characteristics, despite a small buttock size with respect to the physical dimension, may experience dismay. Thus, such a procedure must be performed by an experienced surgeon.

Cases desiring correction for buttock volume


Individuals concerned with sagging buttocks


Cases with
asymmetrical buttocks