Square jaw surgery

※Recovery time, hospital admission and visiting for
treatment schedule may vary among individuals.

  • Operation time
    1 hours
  • Method of
  • Hospital
    admission stay
  • Suture removal
    in about 14 days
  • Visiting for
    2 times
  • Recovery time
    about 2 weeks

Square jaw surgery!
What is a long-curved cortical bone procedure?

A square jaw can be described as the posterior aspect of the mandible below the ear that forms a near right angle (90 degrees), making the lower face looks wide anteriorly
However this bone will not simply be fractured. The cortical bone (most outer part of the bone) from the mandibular area just below the ear to the mentum is resected in a long strip, and then the remaining structure of the mandible is smoothed out. The angle on the jawbone below the ear is a unique characteristic of humans. This angle on the jawbone is created as the human face is grown vertically, and dogs or wolves, even monkeys don’t have this angle. In other words, reducing this angle is the field of beauty, but eliminating this angle is removing a characteristic unique in human; it is not natural.This is the square jaw surgery of the long-curved cortical bone, which has a desirable effect in both frontal and lateral views.

Key points for square jaw surgery

No hospitalization

Less swelling

Less bruising

Less bleeding

The effect of a long-curved cortical bone procedure

Square jaw surgery without
worrying about

We use our jaw to chew and speak, and due to aging, the vertical length of the jawbone is reduced naturally. If this jawbone is cut or reduced excessively, it is difficult to maintain strong and healthy jawbone from aging. However, cortical bone procedure reduces the thickness of the jawbone, so the face looks smaller, the jawbone length is reduced, and there are no worries on aging.




Aging prosess of mandible

Difference of thickness on the jawbone after the long-curved
cortical bone procedure

Narrowing facial width naturally

Existing square jaw surgery reduces only the vertical length of the jawbone, so the slim effect is low from the front, but the long-curved cortical bone procedure reduces even the width of the jawbone to have a clear effect from both the front and side.

No injury on layer having nerce and vessels

The surgical method is removing the outer side of the jawbone called the cortical bone while avoiding the nerves, so there is a low risk of nerve damage, and it minimizes the bleeding to enable relatively safer surgery.

Smooth line

The excision is enabled in a long curve from the square jaw below the ear to the front of the jaw, so secondary angle and double chin are prevented to complete a smooth line.

On simple excision, the possibility of secondary angle is enhanced!

Smooth line along with frontal effect!

Square Jaw Surgery Method




Removal of outer cortex                        Saving nerve


Burring for smooth line


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