Face Lift

※Recovery time, hospital admission and visiting for
treatment schedule may vary among individuals.

  • Operation time
    2~3 hours
  • Method of
    Sedative anesthesia
  • Hospital
    admission stay
  • Suture removal
    about 10~14 days
  • Visiting for
    3-4 times
  • Recovery time
    about 2~3

What is a Face Lift?

In the case of severe cheek drooping and nasolabial fold from aging, it is difficult to show an effect through simple procedure.

In this case, the drooping skin and the SMAS (muscle fascia) must be firmly pulled through the face lift for improvement. This procedure pulls the face firmly through incision on sides of both ears, and it is effective on improving the wrinkles. SMAS dissection and extended SMAS dissection is very different surgery and effect is also very different. Extended SMAS technique requires highly trained surgical skill and knowledge.

Only skin lifting

When only the skin layer is lifted, connection between facial muscle and skin is broken and it make face awkward and unnatural

Lifting up to the SMAS layer

The skin layer, fat layer and the SMAS layer must be pulled simultaneously to have strong and long-lasting lifting effect

What is SMAS
(Superficial Muscular Aponeurotic System: Muscle Fascia)?

Superficial Muscular Aponeurotic System

SMAS refers to the thin fiber fascia existing between the subcutaneous fat layer and the muscle layer under the skin. It is the cause of wrinkles and skin drooping from aging.Therefore, the cause of aging of SMAS layer must be improved to have powerful lifting effect.
When only the skin layer is lifted, connection between facial muscle and skin is broken and it make face awkward and unnatural The skin layer, fat layer and the SMAS layer must be pulled simultaneously to have strong and long-lasting lifting effect

Cases requiring a Face Lift


Patients with flabby sagging flesh
or an overall wrinkled face


Patients who have not been satisfied with their previous simple procedure, such as thread or laser treatment


눈과 눈썹 사이가 좁아서
인상이 강해 보이거나
더 이상 절개로
눈 수술이 어려운 경우


Patients who desire to resolve, all at once, the problems of nasolabial folds, sagging cheek, wrinkles of the neck or wrinkles near the rim of the eyes


Patients with significantly sagging skin secondary to facial bone contouring or Two
jaw surgery, from which the skin has not
been taken care of

Face Lift Effects

01Overall facial wrinkles are improved by a single operation
· A single procedure improves overall facial wrinkles, including the forehead wrinkles, nasolabial folds, sagging lower eyelid
and sagging cheeks.
03Deep wrinkles are
definitively ameliorated
· tightening of sagging skin and
muscles are outstanding for
acquiring the effect of facial or
wrinkle reduction.
02Permanent surgical effect
· droopy skin and muscles are
tightened through minimal incisions,
producing a significant effect.
04Outstanding effect
· A face lift is rather effective for
deep wrinkles. Patients with deep
wrinkles will have great satisfaction
after this surgery.

Face Lift Technique

The nasolabial folds adjacent to the mouth, sagging cheek jawland the jaw line are tightened upward, while pulling the skin of the neck toward the mastoid process posterior to ears. Surgical incision lines end at the posterior aspect of the ear but an incision line is made along the hairline and natural wrinkle to be quite invisible.


Incisions are made in the border area between the hair-line and skin, as well as the border area between the ear and facial skin.


The skin is dissected by inserting a pair of scissors through the incision.


Superficial fascia beneath the skin is dissected and tightened.


Sagging skin is pulled toward the arrow direction, and the droopy skin is spread.

※ The proper direction of movement when fixing the SMAS layer

The right direction

Invalid (back)

Invalid (vertical)

※ The fixation method of SMAS layer in Apgujeong yk plasticsurgery uses a high-intensity SMAS surgery method that works with the central face, under the eyes, and around the mouth.


The skin is tightened, and remaining excessive skin is excised and sutured.



changes in neck muscles that had been sagging down after surgery

Q&A on Face Lift!

Q & A

Is a face lift a dangerous surgical procedure?

The surgery is performed in the layers deep inside the skin, so there is a risk of damage to the facial nerve.
Therefore, it is required to receive the safe surgical procedure from the specialist with accurate anatomical knowledge and skills.

Is there a large scar left after the face lift?

Surgical incision is is made across the hairline back to the ear, but the scar is not noticeable.

Is a face lift only for the elders?

Recently, there are young patients who received orthognathic surgery or facial bone contouring without considering the skin and the muscles, and also for those with severe skin drooping for one’s age, a face lift is effective with a long lasting effect.


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