Anterior Segemtal Osteotomy ASO

※Recovery time, hospital admission and visiting for
treatment schedule may vary among individuals.

  • Operation time
    90 minutes
  • Method of
    General anesthesia
  • Hospital
    admission Stay
    Unnecessary or
    admitted overnight
  • Suture removal
    In about 14 days
  • Visiting for
    2~3 times
  • Recovery period
    About 2 ~4

What is ASO Surgery?

ASO surgery is surgery that solves mouth protrusion, as the words imply, to improve on aged, tacky and gruff appearances.

ASO surgery at Apgujeong YK Plastic surgery Clinic not only improves the simple structural aspect of oral protrusion, but also creates natural facial line and mouth contour by making analysis of a patient’s oral structure and morphology of lips and philtrum in harmony with the overall facial structure- from the forehead to the nasal tip and onto the chin.
Target cases indicated for ASO surgery

For children and youth, mouth protrusion can be effectively treated through orthodontics, as it can correct not only the teeth, but also the gun.

However, for adults over the age of 16-18 have hard
bones and stop in growth, ASO surgery is more
effective. Through exquisite surgery, there is no side
effect of dental root weakening, which can occur
during orthodontics.

Even in the case of the direction of the tooth heading inwards to
have almost no change in the location of the alvelolar bone due to orthodontics, ASO surgery is possible, but caution is required for over correction. Also, orthodontics may be required on the opposite

Ideal proportion for
mouth contour

Aesthetic line

Nasolabial angle

As for Asians, the most beautiful mouth contour standard is when the line connecting the tip of the nose and the chin slightly touches the lips, about 1mm back, or when the angle between the nose and the upper lip is around 95~105 degrees.

Orthodontics ASO Surgery
Correction duration Long (more than 2 years) Short
Tooth movement Necessary Case by Case
Transformation time Slow Fast (Immediately after surgery)
Area of change Teeth and alveolar bone Teeth, alveolar and maxilla

Cases where surgery must be
performed for correction

01Cases where protrusion is apparent for
not only teeth, but also the gum (gingiva)
02Patients who desire speedy correction of
mouth protrusion
03Cases that reveal gums when laughing
04Cases with the extent of protrusion of
4 mm or longer.

Why Choosing Apgujeong YK Plastic Surgery Clinic for Your ASO Surgery?

Safe and fast recovery are the advantages at Apgujeong YK Plastic surgery Clinic! Stunning three-dimensional line at any angle!


Beautiful smile

The surgery includes the alveolar bone and part of
the upper jaw, so there is change in the muscle used
on smiling, resulting in a beautiful smile.


Hemorrhage minimized

Micro-hemorrhages are meticulously verified
during operation and performed by the Hospital
Director/surgeon who has much
experience in microvascular surgery.


ASO surgery in a day

A short operation time leads to fast recovery
and hospital admission is optional.


Considerable experience in
facial reconstruction

our surgeon, Dr. Kim, can perform safe and precise
operations with abundant experience in cases of
highly-difficult facial anomaly and trauma


Joint treatment system
with the dentist

Joint treatment system with the
orthodontics consultant and dentist.

Perfect Smile ASO Surgery!

The characteristics of the ASO surgery by Apgujeong YK Plastic Surgery Clinic is that the surgery includes the alveolar bone and part of the upper jaw, so there is change in the muscle used on smiling, resulting in a beautiful smile.


Teeth behind the canine tooth are extracted one by one to secure the moving space.


ncision is made to the gum after extraction (No vertical incision of the gum).


After ulitis fracture, the teeth and the bone are moved to the back.


The bone is secured with a plate to be finished.